Unshackling Progress

The only way to fully understand a problem and all it's angles is to listen

About Me

Hi, and thanks for visiting my page. I created this blog primarily out of frustration. I was raised in a family that held a passion for discussing politics. We didn’t always agree but we were able to discuss things honestly and with respect for differing opinions. And In all that time the one thing that I learned for sure was that no one has all the answers. What is moving forward for one person, may be moving backwards for another. The whole point of this blog is to have these discussions. Nowadays most people can’t seem to agree upon anything, and our discourse has become more like warfare. Instead of figuring out what’s best for ‘all’ most people seem to want to force what’s best for ‘us’. Consequently we can’t seem to move anywhere. I know I can’t be the only person frustrated with the stagnation of this country’s politics. And our progress will continue to be impeded as long as we try to ignore these issues. My purpose is to hear new opinions, and I especially want to hear from people who disagree with me. In the end I want to get more people talking; Not just here, but with their friends and neighbors. Hell maybe someday, if enough people from different walks of life can agree upon things, them maybe congress will finally be able to get something done.


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